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Mineral Water 750ml Value Box
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Mineral Water 750ml Value Box

Price: $32.95
Weight: 14.91 kg
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Australin Sparkling Natural Mineral Water Value Box (12 bottles in a box)
East Coast Beverages located at Kulnura is proud to introduce Lentini Sparkling Mineral Water. Produced and bottled here in Australia, this invigorating drink is a tribute to the man whom started the business which is now known as East Coast Beverages. Salvatore Lentini is one of many traditional Italian sucess stories where once impovrished Itlalian Immigrants migrated to Australia in the hope of a better life for their families through hard work and dedication. From the hearts of his Children and Grandchilden, 'Here's to you Nonno'is the tribute written on every label from a man whom went in search for a better life and built a dream for generations to follow.
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